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Honeymoon Surprise Gifts

After all the band baaja and baraat and getting showered in millions of wedding gifts, it is time for the bride & groom to sit back and relax, isn’t it? Now, that relaxing hour – the Honeymoon is technically the most awaited getaway by the couple post the hectic rituals. There are tons of honeymoon gifts we think you could gift them or couples can gift each other with these amazing honeymoon gift ideas!

So here is the ultimate list of Honeymoon Gifts Ideas for couples and friends alike:

Give Him a Surprise Gift on the Flight
Who says that you have to wait to reach your honeymoon destination to surprise your husband? You can also do that while in transit. You can consider giving him a gift on the flight as well. Just make sure to put some thought and creativity to it. Alternatively, you can do that while heading back home to thank him and show him that you care!

Arrange a Private Dinner
When it comes to surprise gifts for husband / wife, you can never go with something like a private dinner. There are many ways to plan it. Pick one for yourself:
• Talk to the hotel staff, and schedule a room service surprise at night. It could be anything that your partner likes such as dessert and coffee, wine and cheese or even a pizza.
Alternatively, let your husband know that you are going for a formal dinner and get dressed in your finest. And then surprise him with a lavish dinner sent up to your room instead.
• Find out a romantic and a unique dining location in your area and make surprise reservations. It could be anything dinner on a cruise, on a yacht, or on the terrace.
Many hotels and resorts these days offer romantic and private dining experiences, so make sure to check with the staff.

Leave Him a Note
No matter whether it’s your wedding night, anniversary or honeymoon trip, when talking about surprise gifts for husband, this one always works. You can leave a note in his pocket or on his pillow asking him to see you at a romantic spot. It could be anything a beach, a restaurant, or a spa.

Find a Winery
Is your husband / wife a wine lover? Then why not find a local winery and arrange for a wine tasting tour. Many wineries can also help you set up romantic meals which can make the visit to the place even more memorable.

Rent a Fancy Ride
I am not fond of cars, said no men ever! So instead of waiting for a taxi outside the airport or the hotel, consider pre-booking a fancy ride like a limousine or a convertible. To take the surprise to another level, you can also have it decorated with roses.

Arrange for His / Her Dream Activity
Does your husband / wife have a dream activity like swimming with dolphins or scuba diving? Arrange for it to take place and see him fall in love with you all over again. Alternatively, you can also surprise him with tickets to a concert, show, or any special event taking place in your destination.

Have Surprise Gifts for Husband / Wife Daily
How about waking up your husband / wifewith small presents each morning? It could be anything from his favourite perfumes to a nice bottle of wine. The idea is to show him that you care and keep the memories of your first trip together after marriage alive in your hearts.

Book a Couple Massage
After weeks of planning and preparation, you both must be tired from your wedding. So, why not start your honeymoon with a soothing couple’s massage? Not only will it help you de-stress and relax, but it will also get you in the mood for love, adventure, and other things that you both plan to do. Alternatively, carry a bottle of oil with you and give each other massages in the room. Try and see where it leads to!

Silk, lace and all those pretty netted lingerie. Yes, it is time to gift the perfect lingerie set to your wife or even your best friend who just got hitched. Nothing like kick-starting the honeymoon period with something the ladies wanted to own for a long time now, right?

We said it once and we would definitely say it again, custom made Bathrobes as gifts are close to a perfect honeymoon gifts idea. Bathrobes with the couple’s initials, the Mr/Mrs tags and any phrase close to their heart, are the most comfortable and cosy gifts one could get for the honeymoon getaway.

Wine & Champagne
Now, who doesn’t love a bottle of Wine or Champagne? That too for their honeymoon! Best way to kickstart the special phase isn’t? We suggest you surprise your spouse with a basket of carefully selected wines and flavours like Chenin Blanc, Rose, Cabernet and others or gift the couple an enormous bottle of champagne to pop and cherish their time away. You could even take each other to wine tours at Sula vineyards, Grover and many others across the world and spend your time, goofing around vineyards and having a sip of all the wine that there is. Because there’s nothing like letting your hair down and sipping some wine with cheese.

Spa vouchers
If there’s one thing newlyweds need, it is rejuvenation. Couple Spa passes probably feature on the most favourite Honeymoon Gifts Ideas and we bet you’re loved ones would be delighted to receive them. Make sure to purchase time-specific ones and choose the most exclusive spa ever. Also, not just spa vouchers but you could actually consider gifting spa retreats to each other and do nothing but relax for a weekend. If you’re returning from a massive wedding, make sure to let out all the steam and make the most of that jacuzzi!

Imagine walking into a room lit with candles and beautiful soft petals all around! Or just a bed decorated with your favourite bunch of flowers. Even better, a bundle of roses, for the classic and good old Honeymoon gift ideas list! Especially with bouquets getting innovative and being delivered as bundles in boxes, these roses last for more days than usual and will be a honeymoon couple favourite accessory. From red to gold petal roses, these bundles are love packed in a box.

Who doesn’t love perfumes? That too as gifts at the beginning of this special journey. We’d say, go for it! Pick up his/her favourite odour or a basket of miniature perfumes which include Red Vanillas and other familiar scents from many of our favourite brands.

Him & her watches
Watches for him and her are the best bet for newlywed couples. Especially before they take off on their honeymoon. As time flies, this is the best sort of souvenir for them to glance upon and smile thinking about you. Year after year we have Titan, Casio, Fossil, Rado and many of our other luxurious brands showcasing beautiful and sleek designs for couples. And picking one of these as a gift to treasure is probably the most recommended thing to do.

Essential oils
From Khadi oils to ayurvedic, therapeutic and relaxing oils, there are more than just one type to choose from for your honeymoon. While you relax and laze around, maybe a lavender oil or two along with your travel kit might just help you chill further.

Bath & body kit
The Bath & Body Works or even The Body Shop product line basket, is everyone’s favourite and most anticipated gift, so why not gift it right before the honeymoon? With Strawberry lotions, cocoa shower creams and fruity lip balms, it is every girl’s most exciting package to unwrap.

Honeymoon Travel Journal
The past year has been all about planners, calendars, journals and whatnot. Pinning that task/memory down is a hobby we loved indulging in. So why not do the same for a Honeymoon? Especially for couples who love travelling, a journal would definitely feature on their top 5 things to carry. And several online platforms are now selling super aesthetic journals, which can be customised too. So a travel journal for the couple, all set to globe-trot!

Polaroid & Sprocket Portable Printer & Came
Nothing like old school prints or framing memories. On the very first trip as husband and wife, every picture is perfect and every moment is worth capturing. So why not get a little nostalgic and gift each other a Polaroid? Or if you’re friends are out on their honeymoon and are photography freaks, then an Instax is the most precious gift you could get them! Most recently, HP has also launched the Sprocket Portable Printer & instant camera, which lets you take photos, print not just camera captured frames but also snapshots taken on your phone as well. Frankly, this one is the most thoughtful and cute little gift we could ever think of.

Travel kits
As newlyweds, the couple can get super busy in trying to assemble all their essentials in one place. So, while you chart those honeymoon gifting ideas, remember to jot down travel kits. Not just chic pouches and bling mini makeup bags to fit in all their essentials, but pouches that come with the essentials as well. Your lotions, dental kits, hygiene products and all of it in one easy to carry pouch. So you don’t have to look back or go hunting for your go-to products while on the honeymoon.

We are all suckers for pretty things and sweet odours. And with mood uplifting candles and various incense sticks available for different occasions, these packages are something a honeymoon couple must travel with. Plus, if you are the bride/groom and you are on your way to surprise your spouse with a stay like never before, then candles might be the perfect touch to your getaway.

Selfie sticks
In 2019, don’t we all need them? To get the couple goals going and capture yourself as every corner you are now going to conquer together, a selfie stick it is! Plus, for all the times you third wheeled for your favourite bride and groom, constantly clicking their best moments, it is time to pass the baton, in the form of a selfie stick. We’d say it would be a sweet reminder of the best friend that you are and a gift to remember.

Quirky and funky prints have taken over almost every aspect of our life now, especially clothing. So while satin night suits and linen pyjama sets are still the comfiest options, there is nothing like picking up some banana, pizza/burger printed pyjama sets for a honeymoon! Especially if the couple is crazy and nomadic. E-commerce is filled with the most out of the box printed night suits, bunny style pyjama sets and so much more, that you’ll be spoilt for choice as you tick off that honeymoon gifts list.

Chocolates /marshmallows /candies
No matter how old we get or how much we have to adult, we are all kids at a candy store. Considering couples would finally take a cheat break from their strict diets and regimes for the wedding, the sweetest gifts to present for the honeymoon would be bucket loads of chocolates, candies, marshmallows and everything that would satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. We would suggest Mason & Co bars, dark chocolate fantasies, lots of Lindt, candies of all shapes and definitely some sweet lollipops.

Eye Patches
Now that the wedding is over and it is time to bunk in the bed for a long time, eye patches must be on the top of your head to escape the hustle and bustle. For a goodnight’s sleep at the Honeymoon and to avoid dark circles for your picture-perfect moments, soft and rash free eye patches it is.

Portable Coffee Mugs/ Travel Mugs
Every couple is a contributor to the growing caffeine addicts in the world. If one of you are the ones, who wouldn’t begin your day without a cup of coffee, then there is no list without this. Travel Mugs, to walk around the lanes of all the beautiful destinations you are going to hit on the honeymoon. They keep your dosage of caffeine warm and with the capacity to store enormous amounts of it, we are pretty sure you will never get a chance to get cranky.

Couple Tees
Over to some cheesy merchandise for the first romantic time as Mr and Mrs. Tshirts pointing out to each other or proudly carrying the new tags that the bride and groom carry, will be an adorable thing to gift. The couple would choose your token of love over any designer wear, any day.

While surprise/adventure trips can always be given to couples or each other, a cruise is the sort of thing you would want to choose as a honeymoon gift. Choose from cruises over Alaska, Singapore or the Bahamas and many other sea of options for the bride and groom and gift an experience of a lifetime.

Couple dance lessons
If your romantic getaway is also a groovy destination like Spain or the many other dance capitals around the world, then maybe you would want to stop and indulge in something fun. Surprise your husband/wife and take her for a week of salsa classes, ballroom dance workshops or any style that would help you break free and most importantly bring you closer.

Assorted baskets
Imagine if many of the above come in one grand basket? Yes! We are talking about assorted baskets that you could order online for the couple. Baskets that come with a bottle of wine, some chocolates, travel pouches, warm socks, oils and a lot more gifts of your choice, in one grand package. While there can be no one like the best friend who knows exactly what the bride and groom want, handpicking a honeymoon basket would be the ideal package to handover.
So, from relaxing spa getaways to walking into a room filled with soft petals and irresistible scents and many quirky merchandises to carry around as newlyweds, we are hoping you are now prepared with the biggest and largest honeymoon gifting list that there is!

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