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Game Fishing

Game Fishing

Fishing is one of the sports that combine the sense of adventure and surprise in one, and what’s a better place to fish and angle than the deep and enticing seas of Andaman Islands.The virgin sea biodiversity of the islands are home to fishes of various species that sometimes exceed more than 50 kgs in weight and upto 3.1 meters in length, which fishing enthusiasts already know is hard to find anywhere else.The waters are so abundant with sea creatures that you will never face a no-game situation and will have to stop only to catch a breath, thanks to the Andaman Admins catch-release policy to keep the population thriving.

Types of Fishes usually found near Andaman and Nicobar:
Blue Marlin
Black Marlin
Dogtooth Tuna
Yellow Fin Tuna
Various other Fish species.

There are 4 places from where you can easily book the complete fishing trip and enjoy long hours of fishing and calmness:
Havelock Island
Port Blair
Cinque Island
Rutland Island

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